Willow and Boo is now live! September 7, 2014 20:00

Exciting times! 

Today after many weeks of planning, working and tweaking, the Willow and Boo website finally went live, hurrah! I must confess that it was much harder than I ever anticipated but the feedback so far has been so positive. Many thanks for all your kind words :)

So now in between getting orders made and shipped, I can finally dedicate extra time back in the kitchen inventing and creating new scrummy treats, tinkering with flavours, breaking out the glitter and sprinkles.

With the most magical season fast approaching, now is the time to really go mad with snowflakes, stars and getting creative to make some amazing festive lollipops to really make those Christmas parties sparkle.

We are also planning some special promotions in the coming weeks so stay tuned for these.